Aims of BONE

An end to unfinished audit and research projects!

The British Orthopaedic Network Environment (BONE) has been set up to facilitate audit and research.

The ideas and discussion board encourages new ideas, allowing people to come together to share knowledge and experience and help get projects off the ground. It also facilitates audit projects through access to tried and tested existing audit templates that will simplify the process.

The unique database will list hospitals where members have previously worked, enabling people to continue projects and complete audit loops that otherwise might have been left unfinished. The ease of multi-centre collaboration is unique and will allow people to study the same areas across many trusts. 

BONE has 5 key domains:

  • Research (BONE Research Group)
  • Audit (BONE Audit Group)
  • Education
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Clinical Management

Initially, BONE will be concentrating on research and audit projects but in future will expand to include projects in the other 3 key domains.