How it works

The future is collaboration. A small audit will, at best, get you a presentation at a conference. However, replicate that audit or study across many sites and suddenly you have something that is interesting and publishable.

How can BONE help you with audit?

How many times have you been involved in an audit project, only to move on before changes can be implemented, let alone re-audited? We can help you keep in touch with doctors who worked at your hospital before, or those who take over from you when you rotate on.

If you are looking for an audit project, you can download one of our 'audit templates' - a readymade package of instructions, data collection tools, and a literature search to help you get an audit off the ground quickly. 

If you have done a particularly good audit, you may wish to submit it for consideration as an audit template so that other people can replicate your project at other hospitals around the UK. You will, of course, be given appropriate credit. Our messaging system will allow you to get in touch with everyone who used your template, which could be the first step in writing up a multi-centre project.

How can BONE help you with research?

If you are new to research then BONE can help you get involved. You can even get your own research idea off the ground. We will help you with protocol design, statistics, ethics, funding and running your study.

If you have an idea, post it in BONE to get real time peer review feedback. Because there will be an electronic trail with a timeline and your name attached to every idea you post, you can be reassured that your idea ill be acknowledged. Please remember however, that an idea is only an idea if it does not convert into a completed study. So, the idea of posting an idea is to get some advice on how to take your idea forward and translate that great idea into a great study. 

The people involved in setting up BONE have extensive research experience including working as NIHR lecturers, NJR fellows and members of the BJJ Editorial Board, that can give their own advice on research projects. If you already have research experience, then BONE helps you connect with others who may have more time than you to conduct the research.

We also have contacts with senior T&O Professors who are willing to offer their support and advice

We have ties with BOA Research Committee who can provide further support and turn a project from a good idea into a fully funded trial.