How to get involved

Discuss ideas

  • Simply post your idea under the ideas and discussion tabs under audit or research. 
  • Get feedback on how to refine your audit or research proposals
  • Find potential collaborators for a bigger project

Keep in touch with your peers

  • Search the directory to find potential collaborators working in your trust.
  • Find people who worked at your hospital in the past - perhaps they have an unfinished project you can help with?
  • Contact trainees in your region to arrange a multi-centre project. 

Get started quickly using our Audit Templates

  • Download ready-made templates that you can present to your audit department
  • Includes proposals, literature searches and data collection tools

Submit your own audits as templates

  • Have you done a great audit that you think should be replicated around the UK? Get in touch with us!
  • Your audit could be repeated a multiple sites around the UK - and may even lead to a publication
  • You will get full credit for your work (see our publication policy)
  • Interested? Email us. We're happy to discuss anything from an idea to a finished project